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Wooden under-carriages:

available in the gauges of 0e, 0m and 0f

Description: Prices ex Works

This wooden under-carriage is suitable for personal constructions.

Likewise the woodtipper, the wooden under-carriage is made of real Swiss ecologic pine wood, copper, brass, German silver, plastic for the isolation of the wheels and stainless steel and nickel parts for the axes.

Prototype use:

Wagon for the transport of big but not really heavy stones, like slate. Transport of long-wood etc; but also used as under-carriage of a leveller (will be presented here, soon and will also be available, here )


All prices are meant without postage, postage-packing and sales tax outside of Switzerland (toll).

After the receipt of the inquiry, a detailed offer is made. The shipping costs are presented in detail and the delivery time.

After the receipt of your order, the skips will be shipped in a signed parcel or signed letter, as soon as the offered final amount has arrived. You will be informed by Email about the receipt of the amount. Please regard, your complete name being on your payment. The shipping information is made by E-mail, as well.

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