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Wood skips are charged in Bauma

In the quarry: Excavator Menck by Kibri (detailled and added by Modellfeldbahn GmbH i.G.) and the engine HF130C by Bemo

Night service  

A wagon has already been charged with real stones and gravel.


Wheatered wood skips in service
Very nicely wheathered wood skip with as well nicely wheathered loco by Roco put in scene from and by Mr. Richard W.



Wood skip pushed by an Egger-Bahn loco on the layout of Mr. Richard W.


Wood skips are charged by an Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB


In the quarry: Excavator Ruston Bucyrus 22-RB by Langley (more detailled and more functions added by Modellfeldbahn GmbH i.G.) and the towing engine HF130C by Bemo



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