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Locomotives O&K RL1

 O&K Diesel engine RL1c, the real one and the model

                                                                                                                                                                        The price is 350 CHF ex Works Sirnach, delivery time on demand.

O&K Diesel engine RL1aS the real   

This engine will be presented here soon.


In preparation for some time:


O&K-Steam engin in the gauge of 750 mm and 600 mm made in the works of Schlachtensee.

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DEMAG ML100 (Prototype)

The engine is made of parts of german silver and brass and is completely assembled and painted by hand.  

Ready to run, completely assembled and painted with linkage gear, wheels, gear and electric motor:

700 Euro ex work Germany


To ask for a quote of an engin or a question, please click here here


Large cabin for the engines HF130



The cabin is made of german silver and is delivered as a sheet to be assembled, but it can also delivered ready assembled. Price on demand.