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Pocket oiler


To oil your models fast and easily

Put simply the pipette of the pocket oiler on the surface to oil and press slightly downwards and immediately a drop of oil is getting out, which is enough for a small lubrification spot.

You never have oil spots and oil messing everywhere, the oil comes only in the quantity you want and when there would be to much, the Lubristyl sucks it in. Yes, the Lubristyl pocket oiler gives not only oil from its pipette; it also sucks the too much quantity of oil in!

By the tiny pipette of the Lubristyl you are able to spend at point a single drop of greasing oil. In contrary to other oilers on the market, the Lubristyl is able to put a drop of oil of 0,5mm at a defined point! 


The NEOVAL G8 high quality greasing oil is able to grease all ranges and therefore is especially good for greasing fine and tiny gearboxes and all kind of small gear-wheels as shown here the gear-box of a clock. The Lubristyl gives only your wanted amount of oil at a wanted point and nothing more, as you can regulate it for yourself.

The Neoval G8 greasing oil never resins and has wonderful and unbeatable crawl-abilities.

The Lubristyl is handy and fits as a pen in every kind of work clothing. In addition it is looking neat and good. 

So, you are always prepared for every greasing point and even for the smallest possible!



The filled and ready to grease precision pocket oiler Lubristyl costs:     CHF 20.--  ex works Sirnach


The price includes the product packing, as shown on the right ex works, this means it excludes postage-packing, postage and sales tax outside of Switzerland with all toll costs.  

Payable by PayPal possible

The name Lubristyl is a registered trademark of the company Neoval AG for the pocket oiler 

All prices are meant without postage, postage-packing and sales tax outside of Switzerland (toll).

After the receipt of your inquiry, a detailed offer is made. The shipping costs are presented there in detail together with the delivery time.

After the receipt of your order, the Lubristyl(s) will be shipped in a signed parcel or signed letter, as soon as the offered final amount has arrived. You will be informed by Email about the receipt of the amount. Please regard, your complete name being on your payment. The shipping information is made by E-mail, as well.

You can safely pay all goods with PayPal


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