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Trolleys for the transport of long wood or long goods in 1:87 scale and in H0n2 (H0f or H0i) gauge (6,5 mm)


  Trolleys charged with logwood

and empty trolleys



Technical data and description in general:

The Logwood transportation trolley, also for all kind of long goods is made of milled, hand soldered brass and brass parts and isolated wheels of German silver. No etched parts are used for this model, but milled and turned parts to scale (1:87).

The required gauge of the rails is H0n2 (H0f or H0i) 6,5 mm

Following Versions are possible:


Prices ex works per waggon


Version 1:

The Logwood transportation trolley is completely painted, which means the carriage here in grey and the working holders of the logwood painted in black and the chains burnished, as shown on the picture.  

The carriage can also be painted differently, other than shown here in grey, in black after your desire




CHF 65,00


Version 2:

The Long Wood transportation trolley has kept its natural oxidization tint completely, with the exception of the black painted roller bearings and the working wood holders and burnished chains

(No pictures available at the moment)

CHF 60,00


Version 3:

The trolley for the use as a bogie with its natural oxidization tint, with the exception of the black painted roller bearings,

(No pictures available at the moment)

CHF 45,00


The trolleys have a livelong warranty with the exception of all chains and the bearing wear.




All prices are meant without postage, postage-packing and sales tax outside of Switzerland (toll).

After the receipt of the inquiry, a detailed offer is made to you. The shipping costs are presented in detail and the delivery time.After the receipt of your payment, the waggons will be shipped in a signed parcel or signed letter.

You will be informed by Email about the receipt of the amount. Please regard, your complete name being on your payment. The shipping information is made by E-mail, as well.

You can safely pay with PayPal all goods

         I recommend the use of Peco Z SL-200 rail including switches. This brand takes account of the international gauge norm.

         The gauge of my products and wagons is set for the rail gauge-span from 6.3 mm to 6.8 mm.