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On the border of Switzerland and Austria:

The international construction narrow gauge railway (750 mm) for the correction of the river Rhine and the regulation of its waters, IRR (Internationale Rheinregulierung):

Length of the complete line:     33 km including 26 km with overhead wire

Loading of the three types of waggons and skips in the quarry:

In the quarry 1996-2000:

Excursion train


In the winter pause:

(March 2006)


On the railway line: (with additional movie pictures)

Works in Lustenau    

Impressions of the construction site on the Rhine estuary, the terminus:

 Unloading station (gravel)

Tow rope installation


Stones unloading


Panorama of the estuary in 1997

Other excavator pictures    

Movie pictures to the unloading of wood-tippers and skips at the end of the line:




Movie pictures to the arrival of the stone train in the early morning in the Rhine mouth:


A whole day at the IRR in the year 2006 (in construction)

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Unfortunately, just a day after these shots were taken, the service was ceased because the quarry was closed. We try to relive the line for other transports like gravel. The museum rail transport service stays always in use.

Industrial Narrow Gauge railways in Switzerland

Industrial narrow gauge (600 mm) railway belonging to the brick factory "Zürcher Ziegeleien Tuggen"  in the canton of Schwyz at the railway station of "Schinznach Dorf"


Movie pictures:

Ziegelbahn Endstation The front loader, excavator, loading the skips, is hidden in the hut.
Brick factory, Tuggen SZ

Here is the clay delivered from Schinznach-Dorf. (A click on the picture gives you a bigger view). This brick factory, one of the most modern brick works in Switzerland, was closed down after the merging of the "Zürcher Zielgeleien" and the Austrian "Wienerberger Ziegeleien", about in 2001.

Brick Works in Landquart (750 mm)



Brick factory Schumacher (600 mm)

Entry picture, simply click on it!


Cement works in Brunnen (750 mm)

Concrete works Sudan in Enney



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