Modellfeldbahn GmbH i.G.

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My basics for all my products (models)

All products should be and are made in respect of the environment and represent something special. They are therefore absolutely prototypical and work likewise and are as well to scale. Compromises are only made, if they cannot be transformed for technical or aesthetical reasons.

All models are ready to run made, no additional works will be necessary with the exception of weathering, which is up to the wish and imagination of each one.

At the moment, the "Modellfeldbahn GmbH i.G."  is a real one man company in any kind, therefore not all wishes can always be fullfilled immediately at any time and need therefore some time to be done.


Possibilitys of contact to Modellfeldbahn:

The easiest contact is by phone, fax (with preference) or email with the address:

If you don't get any answer, please contact me by phone or fax or write to me a letter. On the following address:

Björn Kaeding Modellfeldbahn, Kettstrasse 1, CH-8370 Sirnach (Switzerland)

I had to learn through customers, that many mails vanished for ever and never arrived to me, without any information or warning!

Best regards

Björn Kaeding