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Woodtippers, wood-skips and its derived versions

(Prices at the end of this presentation or here directly: woodtipper prices)

The model in 1:87 scale and H0n30 (H0e) gauge:

The original in 750 mm gauge (2'59")


Comparisons with the model size

Model of the historic woodtipper:



The historical development and use of the woodtippers click here or on the picture

The woodtippers are exact models in 1:87 scale and are made in three gauge versions:

- 9 mm (750 mm or 2'59"), which corresponds to the model gauge of H0n30 or H0e

- 12 mm (900 mm 1000 mm), which corresponds to the model gauge of H0m,

- 6,5 mm (600 mm), which corresponds to the model gauge of H0n2 or H0f, H0i.


Box content of the prototype: 2,5 m3

Wooden underframe and derived versions:  


Wooden underframe and derived versions of it click here or on the picture




Technical data and description

The wood-tippers are made of real Swiss ecologic pine wood, copper, brass, German silver, plastic for the isolation of the wheels, stainless steel and nickeled steel for the axes.

No photo-etched parts are used; instead they are all to scale (1:87) milled and turned parts.

The brass and copper parts are soldered and the wood milled and cut by hand.

The metal fittings only are painted black. The rest is natural and bare, untreated (Swiss) wood as the real one. (On demand a paint-job for the wood with an exact description is with an supplementary price possible)

Like the real wagon the tipper disposes of two locking-levers of the unloading hatch which work like the real

Red arrow, the lever is unlocked.

White arrow the lever is locked.


1 Tipper-box holding chain

2 Unloading hatch

3 Locking-lever of the tipper-box hatch

4 Coupling chain with hook

5 Plank holder, which serves to detach the tipper-box holding chain to make the box tip (at the original)

The tipper-box is held by chains, like the real, at two chain-hooks, one of them is magnified here. The hook (pointed plate) can be turned around like the original.





Green arrow:

The tipper-box is held by two chains to scale, like the original.

White arrow:

The woodtippers are coupled with coupling chain (to scale) and hook.

coupling chain in action like the real.

The hook and the chain 2 permit to couple locomotives 1 and wagons of the company Bemo and other brands equipped with the European coupling made of plastic.

3 Tipper-box holding chain with the chain hook mounted on the under-frame.

4 Eyelet to put into a plank (one here in front and an other at the rear). It serves to detach the chain at the original to make the box tip.

The open friction bearings of the tipper-box are shown here. They are made open like in reality to permit a fast and easy exchange of the tipper boxes by tipping them over the under- frame stop.

The tipper-boxes are exchangeable under themselves


Available Versions:

Blue marking quarry version of the woodtipper like it is used today at the IRR. 3 Metal protection sheet and mounting angle 2, side-wall and hatch edge protection angles for the shovel excavator loading 1.

Green marking cheaper version with the metal sheet protection and angle 1.

The first woodtippers were made without steel base sheet and protection. For the transport of salt and delicate form- sands, all kind of protection was renounced to keep the material off the steel contact in keeping the best quality all the way long.

The quarry version tipped (like the IRR)
Train of woodtippers and locomotive "HF 130C" of Bemo in the quarry

Version equipped with fast coupler:


For a bigger view of the pictures below, please click on the pictures and come back with your own computer-"Back-Button"



Summary and prices

Versions of the models Short description for all gauges Prices ex works   Equipped with fast couplers: Prices ex works

The quarry woodtipper version (Like IRR)

with steel base sheet and angle (detachable) and bord protection angles firmly mounted. For the use in quarries e.g.

CHF 95.-


  Fast couplers at both ends:

Fast couplers at one end and at the other normal:

CHF 90.-


CHF 92,50

Historical woodtipper version

Like in real, at the times of railway building, the most cheapest version.  It is used for the transport of form-sands, clays and salt e.g. which may not get in contact with steel in any kind, due to high quality standard reasons.

CHF 85.-    


Fast couplers at both ends:

Fast couplers at one end and at the other normal:


CHF 80.-

CHF 82,50

  Historic woodtipper version with supplement

This is the historic woodtipper, however equipped with the mounted bord protection angles.

CHF 87.-    

Fast couplers at both ends:

Fast couplers at one end and at the other normal:


CHF 82.-


CHF 84,50

  The quarry woodtipper version with reduction

This is the quarry woodtipper, however without bord protection angles.

This version is useful for loading from a platform or by a granary without excavator.

CHF 93.-   Fast couplers at both ends:

Fast couplers at one end and at the other normal:

CHF 88.-


CHF 90,50




The woodtippers have a livelong warranty with the exception of the chains with provable destruction force (load over more than 3 kg), couplers and the wear of the bearings.



All prices are the same for all available gauges: H0e, H0n30; H0m; and H0f, H0i, H0n2

All prices are meant without postage, postage-packing and sales tax outside of Switzerland (toll).

After the receipt of the inquiry, a detailed offer is made. The shipping costs are presented in detail and the delivery time.

After the receipt of your order, the skips will be shipped in a signed parcel or signed letter, as soon as the offered final amount has arrived. You will be informed by Email about the receipt of the amount. Please regard, your complete name being on your payment. The shipping information is made by E-mail, as well.

You can safely pay with PayPal all goods

  • I recommend the use of Peco OO-9 (H0e) rail including switches. This brand takes account of the international gauge norm with the exception of the Y-switches, where I found takes in the gauge, which need some rework in the entrance part of the switch. (Measured a gauge of 8.4 mm!)
  • The gauge of my products and wagons is set for the rail gauge-span from 8.8 mm to 9.5 mm, as well as for the axes.
  • For other rail gauge-spans, which exceed the tolerance stated above, I deliver broader wheels and axes to a higher price. I need in this case the sure gauge measurements from you.


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